Is the incredible FPV footage of a drone attacked mid-flight by an eagle too risky to capture?

1. Capturing the incredible FPV footage of a drone being attacked by an eagle can result in a unique and captivating video.
2. It provides a rare perspective and an opportunity to observe the natural behaviors of both the drone and the eagle.
3. The footage can potentially create a viral sensation and gain a significant online following.
4. It showcases the skills and capabilities of the drone pilot in maneuvering the drone and capturing adventurous shots.
5. It can serve as an educational tool to raise awareness about the interaction between drones and wildlife.

1. There is a significant risk of losing the expensive drone due to the eagle attack, potentially resulting in financial loss.
2. The encounter between the drone and the eagle may cause distress or harm to the bird or disrupt its natural behavior.
3. It can be viewed as unethical or intrusive to wildlife, as the drone could disrupt the eagle’s natural habitat and potentially cause stress.
4. The attention gained from such footage may attract regulators and lead to increased scrutiny or restrictions on drone usage.
5. Safety concerns arise if the drone crashes or diverts from its flight path during the attack, potentially endangering people or property.


An astonishing video captured a drone pilot’s encounter with an eagle at Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. The pilot, using the First Person View (FPV) mode, witnessed the bird swoop down out of nowhere and snatch the drone from midair. The breathtaking footage was shared by photographer Adam Culbertson.