Is the integration of AI and dual joysticks in this single person electric VTOL aircraft a game changer?

Pros of integrating AI and dual joysticks in the single person electric VTOL aircraft: – Enhanced precision control for improved flight experience
– AI assistance can provide added safety measures and real-time decision-making – Potential for increased efficiency and reduced pilot workload

Cons of integrating AI and dual joysticks in the single person electric VTOL aircraft: – Dependence on technology, increasing vulnerability to system failures
– Potential concerns regarding the learning curve and training required for pilots
– Possible resistance from traditional aviation enthusiasts who prefer manual control

Pros of yacht owners buying submarines:
– Adds a unique and exciting element to the yachting experience – Provides an opportunity for underwater exploration and observation
– Offers an additional layer of safety during emergencies or adverse weather conditions

Cons of yacht owners buying submarines:
– Submarines require specialized maintenance and crew training, adding to operational costs
– Limited availability of suitable docking and launching facilities for submarines – Possibility of environmental impact due to underwater activities


Yacht owners are passionate about luxury and the thrill of the open sea, often seeking new ways to enhance their experiences. One recent trend among this community is the purchase of submarines, which allow them to explore the depths of the ocean. However, a new innovation has captured their attention – a single person electric VTOL aircraft. This futuristic aircraft provides a unique opportunity for yacht owners to take their adventures to new heights. Equipped with AI assist and precision control through dual joysticks, this aircraft offers an unprecedented level of control and freedom in the skies. It combines the thrill of flying with the convenience of electric propulsion, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious yacht owners.