Is the joy of casual blogging a thing of the past?

Pros of casual blogging:
1. Opportunity for self-expression and creativity.
2. Freedom to write about various topics without any restrictions. 3. Community-building and connecting with like-minded individuals. 4. Improving writing skills through consistent practice.
5. Potential to gain a following and become a respected voice in your niche.

Cons of casual blogging:
1. Difficulty in standing out among the vast amount of content available online. 2. Limited monetization options for casual bloggers.
3. Maintaining consistency and finding motivation to regularly update the blog. 4. Dealing with negative feedback or trolls in the comments section.
5. Potential time commitment required to produce quality content on a regular basis.


Starting a capital-B Blog was a spontaneous decision that differed from my previous microblogging experiences on The Tumbler.