Is the judge’s decision to fine Trump $10,000 for breaking a gag order justified or excessive?

1. Upholding the gag order helps maintain decorum and respect for the judicial system.
2. The fine acts as a deterrent against future violations of the gag order by any party.
3. It sends a message that no one is above the law, regardless of their status or position. 4. The judge’s decision demonstrates the impartiality and commitment to justice.

1. Some may argue that the fine is excessive for a single violation of a gag order.
2. Critics might perceive the decision as politically motivated due to Trump’s involvement.
3. The fine could be seen as inhibiting free speech, raising concerns about potential erosion of individual rights.
4. The judgment may spark further controversy and debate, distracting from other important issues.


Judge Arthur Engoron, in a staunch defense, upheld his $10,000 sanction against Donald Trump for breaching the gag order regarding comments about his staff. Trump’s attorneys’ appeal to dismiss the fine was also rejected.