Is The Marvels Box Office Performance a Cause for Concern for Marvel Studios?

– Marvel Studios has a solid track record of success, so one faltering sequel may not be a cause for major concern.
– It’s important to note that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the global box office, making comparisons to pre-pandemic films like ‘Captain Marvel’ challenging.
– The performance of ‘The Marvels’ overseas still generated $63.3 million, which is a significant amount of money despite not reaching the same level as its predecessor.

– A significant drop in box office numbers from the previous film suggests possible waning interest or other factors affecting audience reception.
– The decline in global start from ‘Captain Marvel’ to ‘The Marvels’ could potentially indicate a loss of momentum for the franchise.
– The international box office is a crucial market for success, and a weaker debut overseas might signal challenges for wider profitability.

Note: These pros and cons are based on the information provided and do not represent a final analysis. It’s important to consider various factors affecting the industry and individual film performances.


The sequel struggled internationally as well. Its debut overseas brought in $63.3 million, resulting in a global start of $110 million. In comparison, “Captain Marvel” earned nearly $190 million during its debut in 2019.