Is the Meross 3-Outlet Outdoor Smart Plug Worth the Hype?

1. Adds convenience and flexibility to your home with three independent sockets. 2. Programmable feature allows you to set schedules and timers for each socket. 3. Outdoor design makes it suitable for various outdoor electrical devices.
4. Compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free control. 5. Easy setup and integration with existing smart home systems. 6. Provides energy monitoring, allowing you to track and optimize energy usage. 7. Durable and weatherproof construction for long-lasting use.
8. Can be used for controlling holiday lights, outdoor appliances, and other devices.

1. Requires a stable Wi-Fi connection for remote access and control. 2. Compatibility might vary across different smart home ecosystems. 3. The price point might be higher compared to non-smart alternatives.
4. Additional setup steps might be involved for optimal performance and security. 5. Limited to outdoor applications, might not be suitable for indoor use. 6. The app interface and user experience could be improved.
7. Some users might not require all three sockets, making it less cost-effective. 8. It might not be compatible with older electrical systems or devices.

Please note that the decision of whether the Meross 3-Outlet Outdoor Smart Plug is worth the hype ultimately depends on individual preferences and needs.


Enhance your home with the ultimate convenience and flexibility using this innovative smart plug. Equipped with three separate, programmable sockets, it offers limitless possibilities to power your devices.