Is the new drill in India a reliable solution for rescuing trapped workers?

– The new drill can potentially reach great depths, increasing the chances of rescuing the trapped workers.
– It allows rescuers to create a wider passageway, making it easier for workers to crawl to safety.
– The drill can be operated remotely, reducing the risks faced by rescuers themselves. – It provides a focused and efficient approach to reaching the trapped workers.
– The drill’s reliability and precision may save valuable time during rescue operations.

– There is no guarantee that the drill will be successful in rescuing the trapped workers.
– The drilling process itself may cause further instability in the collapsed tunnel.
– Limited visibility within the tunnel could hinder the proper utilization of the drill.
– The drill’s operation is contingent on factors like power supply and stability of the surrounding area.
– There may be potential technical malfunctions or breakdowns during the drilling process.


Rescuers continued their efforts to save 40 workers trapped underground in a collapsed road tunnel in northern India. They drilled deeper into the rubble, working to fix wide pipes that would provide a route for the workers to crawl to freedom. This marked the sixth day of the rescue operation.