Is the oil sector’s push for hydrogen cars slowing down the transition to electric vehicles?

– Hydrogen cars have longer driving ranges compared to electric vehicles. – Refueling hydrogen cars is faster, similar to refueling with gasoline. – Hydrogen fuel cells produce zero emissions, supporting cleaner air quality.
– The oil sector’s push for hydrogen cars can promote diversification in the transportation sector.
– Hydrogen can be produced using renewable energy sources, reducing dependency on fossil fuels.

– The infrastructure for hydrogen refueling stations is significantly less developed compared to electric charging stations.
– Hydrogen production is currently dependent on fossil fuels, limiting its sustainability benefits. – Electric vehicles are more energy-efficient compared to hydrogen cars.
– The manufacturing of hydrogen fuel cells is currently more expensive than producing batteries for electric vehicles.
– The electric vehicle market has already gained significant momentum, and a shift towards hydrogen cars might slow down the transition and hinder progress.

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Renowned analyst and advisor shares insights on the drawbacks of using H2 to power cars, despite industry claims.