Is the OnePlus Open really the best foldable device on the market, or is it destined to be overlooked?

1. The OnePlus Open has the best hardware among foldable devices. 2. It offers a unique and innovative folding design.
3. The display quality is impressive, providing an immersive viewing experience. 4. The device is equipped with powerful performance capabilities.
5. It may have a competitive price point compared to other foldable devices on the market.

1. The OnePlus Open suffers from a few software issues, which can be a frustrating experience for users.
2. Compared to other well-established brands, OnePlus might not have the same level of reputation and customer trust in the foldable market.
3. As a new entrant, it may lack the refinement and optimization seen in more mature foldable devices.
4. The folding mechanism may have durability concerns, as foldable devices have historically faced challenges in this area.
5. The availability and ecosystem support for third-party apps specifically tailored for foldable screens may be limited initially.

Please note that this assessment is based on available information and reviews, and personal experiences may vary.


Months of anticipation and speculation have finally led to the official unveiling of the highly anticipated OnePlus Open. Boasting superior hardware that outshines any other foldable device in the market, this revolutionary gadget undeniably raises the bar. However, amidst its groundbreaking features, a handful of software-related hiccups hinder it from reaching its full potential.