Is the passing of astronaut Ken Mattingly, who flew to the moon on Apollo 16, a loss for space exploration?

1. Ken Mattingly’s experience as an astronaut provided valuable knowledge and insights into space exploration.
2. His participation in the Apollo 16 mission contributed to the advancement of lunar exploration.
3. Mattingly’s involvement in the Apollo 13 crisis demonstrated his ability to handle high-pressure situations.
4. His concerns about the cost of human space flight emphasized the importance of fiscal responsibility in space exploration.

1. The passing of Ken Mattingly marks the loss of a valuable and experienced astronaut within the space exploration community.
2. His absence means the loss of potential future contributions and insights to the field.
3. Mattingly’s concerns about the high cost of human space flight highlight the ongoing challenges faced by the industry.
4. His passing serves as a reminder of the risks and sacrifices involved in space exploration.


He steered Apollo 16 and led the shuttle, yet his most notable achievement was not taking flight: the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission. In his later years, he expressed concern about the exorbitant expenses associated with human space travel.