Is the Photographer’s Lawsuit Loss a Blow to Artists’ Rights in Documentary Filmmaking?

– Provides a precedent: The judge’s ruling sets a precedent that can be referred to in future cases involving similar circumstances.
– Establishes clarity: The lawsuit loss helps establish a clearer understanding of what is considered “too trivial” to be deemed copyright infringement in documentary filmmaking.
– Protects artistic freedom: The ruling suggests that artists might have more freedom to use certain copyrighted materials in their work without facing legal repercussions.

– Questions artist’s rights: The lawsuit loss raises concerns about the extent of an artist’s rights to use copyrighted materials in their work.
– Sets a subjective standard: The ruling being based on the judge’s subjective opinion might lead to ambiguity and inconsistency in similar cases.
– Challenges ownership: The lawsuit loss might discourage photographers and artists from pursuing legal action to protect their copyrighted materials.


A photographer recently lost a lawsuit against Apple. The case involved images that were seen in the background of a documentary on singer Billie Eilish. The judge ruled that the usage of the images was not significant enough to be considered infringing. To read more about this case, click the link below.