Is the Pixel Watch 2 the ultimate casual fitness watch?

1. The Pixel Watch 2 offers a seamless integration of fitness tracking and smartwatch features, providing the best of both worlds for users.
2. It offers robust fitness tools, making it an excellent choice for casual fitness enthusiasts.
3. The Pixel Watch 2 is designed for people who prioritize on-wrist smart features but still want comprehensive fitness tracking.
4. It leverages the expertise of Fitbit, ensuring a high-quality fitness experience.
5. The watch likely offers a range of features like heart-rate monitoring, GPS tracking, and personalized fitness goals.

1. As a “Fitbit smartwatch,” the Pixel Watch 2 may lack some advanced features and functionalities found in dedicated fitness watches.
2. The focus on casual fitness might lead to compromises in specialized fitness tracking for serious athletes.
3. The availability of certain apps and integrations may be limited compared to other smartwatches in the market.
4. The pricing of the Pixel Watch 2 might be higher compared to fitness-focused smartwatches with similar features.
5. The specific details and performance of the Pixel Watch 2 are not yet confirmed, so some cons may be speculative.


The original Pixel Watch was like a regular smartwatch with some Fitbit features. The new Pixel Watch is a true “Fitbit smartwatch” that offers powerful fitness tools without compromising on smart features.