Is the PlayStation Portal Handheld Worth It for Sony Diehards?

1. Provides a portable gaming experience for Sony enthusiasts. 2. Offers compatibility with a wide range of PlayStation games. 3. Has a dedicated fanbase and established gaming community. 4. Offers the convenience of playing on the go.
5. Features a sleek and ergonomic design.
6. Has a variety of multimedia capabilities, including streaming services. 7. Potential for future system updates and improvements.
8. Allows for remote play with PlayStation consoles.

1. Price may be a deterrent for some potential buyers.
2. Limited third-party support compared to rival consoles.
3. Battery life might not be sufficient for longer gaming sessions. 4. Lack of a strong exclusive game library.
5. Competition from other portable gaming devices such as the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck. 6. Limited storage capacity compared to other handheld systems. 7. Possible compatibility issues and performance limitations with certain games. 8. Uncertain longevity and future support from Sony.


Sony’s apparent lack of learning from the successes of Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, Vita, and PSP is evident with the release of their latest handheld system, the PlayStation Portal. Priced at $200, this device, technically another version of PSP, offers a variety of features.