Is the release of Díaz’s father after 12 days as a hostage a cause for celebration or concern?

1. Reunion: The release of Díaz’s father provides an opportunity for him to be reunited with his family, bringing them joy and relief.
2. Safety: The release could imply that proper measures were taken to ensure the safety and well-being of the hostage.
3. Hope: It sets a positive precedent that kidnappings can be resolved relatively quickly and peacefully.
4. Publicity: The attention surrounding this release might raise awareness about the issue of kidnappings in Colombia.

1. Trauma: The hostage may have suffered physical and emotional trauma during the 12 days in captivity.
2. Concern for future safety: The kidnapping may raise concerns about the safety of individuals in the region, potentially leading to increased fear.
3. Criminal implications: While the release itself is positive, it highlights the existence of criminal groups involved in kidnappings, posing a threat to public safety.
4. Inequality of resources: The release of a high-profile hostage may bring attention to the disparities in resources available to tackle kidnappings for individuals without such prominence.


After 12 days of being held captive, the father of Liverpool striker Luis Díaz has finally been released, as confirmed by the Colombian government. He was kidnapped in northern Colombia.