Is the Republican-controlled House of Representatives’ decision to cut funding to globalist institutions and the climate hoax justified?


– Supports the agenda of those who are critical of globalist institutions and their influence. – Reflects the ideological positions of the Republican Party in power.
– May appeal to those who view climate change as a hoax, addressing their concerns.


– May hinder international cooperation and diplomacy efforts. – Could weaken US influence and role in global affairs.
– May undermine initiatives aimed at addressing climate change, a recognized global problem.

(Note: It is important to note that these lists of pros and cons are merely an analysis of the possible arguments surrounding the topic. The views expressed here do not reflect personal preferences or opinions.)


The Republican-dominated U.S. House of Representatives has reduced funding for the United Nations and other globalist institutions. Under the leadership of Rep. Kay Granger (R-TX), the House Appropriations Committee (HAC) gave approval for the cuts.