Is the revamped ‘ARK: Survival Ascended’ worth checking out on Steam? Launch trailer unveiled!

1. Revamped version likely includes improvements and updates, enhancing gameplay experience. 2. Availability on Steam provides easy access for PC gamers.
3. Launch trailer offers a glimpse into the game’s new features and visual enhancements.
4. Studio Wildcard’s track record suggests a dedicated team committed to supporting the game.
5. Previous iterations of ARK: Survival Evolved were well-received, indicating potential for success.

1. Individual preference may vary in terms of interest and enjoyment of the survival genre.
2. Uncertainty regarding the extent of changes and improvements in the revamped version.
3. Performance and compatibility issues may arise depending on the player’s hardware. 4. Potential for bugs and glitches during the initial launch phase.
5. Additional costs may be required, such as purchasing the game or DLC, to fully experience the content.


Studio Wildcard developed ARK: Survival Ascended, a popular game on Steam in 2017. The game runs on Unreal Engine 5 and has received widespread acclaim.