Is the rise of the snail girl era good or bad for young women?

1. Promotes a shift away from hustle culture and emphasizes a slower, more balanced lifestyle. 2. Encourages self-care and prioritization of mental and physical well-being. 3. Challenges societal beauty standards and promotes self-acceptance. 4. Fosters a sense of creativity and individuality.
5. Provides a platform for self-expression and experimentation.
6. Creates a supportive community for young women to connect and share experiences.

1. Potential risk of perpetuating laziness or lack of motivation. 2. May lead to isolation or social withdrawal if taken to an extreme.
3. Could reinforce unrealistic beauty standards or create pressure to conform to a specific trend. 4. Some may view the trend as superficial or frivolous.
5. Can be time-consuming and may distract from other important aspects of life.
6. May not be inclusive or accessible to all young women, depending on resources and affordability of certain products or treatments.


The snail girl trend symbolizes employees pushing back against the hustle culture, as explained by Michelle P. King, Netflix’s former director of diversity and inclusion.