Is the Roccat Vulcan II the Ultimate Gaming Keyboard? Guess Again!

Pros of the Roccat Vulcan II as the Ultimate Gaming Keyboard:

1. Vibrant RGB lighting adds a visually captivating element to your gaming setup. 2. Robust construction ensures durability, even during intense gaming sessions. 3. Mechanical switches provide a satisfying typing and gaming experience. 4. Wired variant eliminates any concerns about battery life or latency issues. 5. Sleek design and compact layout make it suitable for various desk sizes.

Cons of the Roccat Vulcan II as the Ultimate Gaming Keyboard:

1. Limited customization options compared to other gaming keyboards on the market. 2. Price may be a deterrent for budget-conscious gamers.
3. Lack of wireless connectivity restricts mobility and can lead to cable clutter. 4. Some users may find the mechanical switches too loud or noisy.
5. Miniature version (Vulcan II Mini Air) may not provide the same level of comfort for those with larger hands.


Roccat has just unveiled two stunning mechanical gaming keyboards from its Vulcan series. Introducing the Vulcan II and Vulcan II Mini Air. These keyboards are a visual delight, boasting vibrant RGB lighting and sturdy build quality. The Vulcan II is a wired model, while the Vulcan II Mini Air is a wireless variant.