Is the safety of CRPF jawans compromised during poll duty in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma?

1. Increased presence of CRPF jawans during poll duty enhances security for voters and political candidates.
2. CRPF jawans are highly trained and equipped to handle security challenges in conflict-prone areas.
3. Poll duties enable CRPF jawans to gain valuable field experience and build resilience.
4. Enhanced security measures, such as patrolling and check posts, help deter potential threats.
5. Conducting polls in remote areas like Sukma demonstrates the government’s commitment to democracy.

1. The presence of Maoists in Sukma increases the risk of attacks on CRPF jawans during poll duty.
2. Maoists may have inside information or local support, compromising the safety of CRPF personnel.
3. Remote and challenging terrain in Sukma can make it difficult for CRPF jawans to effectively respond to emergencies.
4. Poll duties in conflict-prone areas divert CRPF resources from other security operations.
5. Despite precautions, polling stations may remain vulnerable to ambushes or attacks by Maoists.

Please note that these lists are based solely on the given information and should be evaluated in the context of the specific incident.


In the region of Tondamarka, an incident occurred, known for its Maoist presence. Read the latest news from India.