Is the SAG-AFTRA ‘Landmark’ Deal a Game-Changer? Unveiling Wage Increases & Other Key Details

1. Wage increases: The deal brings about higher wages for SAG-AFTRA members, which could greatly benefit actors and other professionals in the entertainment industry.
2. Improved working conditions: The agreement may introduce provisions that improve the overall working conditions for SAG-AFTRA members.
3. Job security: The deal might provide more stability and job security for actors, as well as for other workers in the industry.
4. Expanded coverage: The agreement may extend coverage to more platforms and projects, thus creating more opportunities for SAG-AFTRA members.
5. Potential industry standard: If this deal sets a precedent, it has the potential to improve working conditions and wages across the entertainment industry as a whole.

1. Lack of transparency: Some critics argue that the deal was reached without enough transparency and input from all SAG-AFTRA members.
2. Insufficient details: The key details of the agreement have not been fully unveiled yet, leaving room for uncertainty and speculation.
3. Possible loopholes: Critics are concerned that the deal may have loopholes that could be exploited by studios and production companies to the detriment of SAG-AFTRA members.
4. Potential for inequality: While the deal may bring wage increases, it is uncertain whether it addresses the income disparities within the industry, potentially leaving some members at a disadvantage.
5. Dependence on future negotiations: The long-term impact of the agreement will depend on how future negotiations unfold, leaving some uncertainty about its effectiveness.


After a majority vote by the SAG-AFTRA National Board on Friday, the tentative agreement reached with studio CEOs and the AMPTP earlier this week has been approved. The actors guild has now released…