Is the Surreal Icelandic Landscape a Worthy Winner of the 2023 Epson International Pano Awards?


1. Unique and otherworldly beauty: The surreal Icelandic landscape captivates viewers with its mesmerizing and ethereal qualities.
2. Visual impact: The panoramic images of the Icelandic landscape have a strong visual impact due to the dramatic scenery and vastness of the surroundings.
3. Cultural significance: The Icelandic landscape holds cultural significance, as it has been the subject of countless artistic creations and has inspired generations of artists.
4. Technical excellence: The winning photograph must have demonstrated exceptional skill and technical expertise, making it a worthy recipient of the award.
5. Promotion of tourism: Highlighting the surreal Icelandic landscape through the Epson International Pano Awards can attract visitors and promote tourism, benefiting the local economy.


1. Limited diversity: While the Icelandic landscape is undeniably stunning, some may argue that the award should have recognized a different location to provide a wider representation of the world’s panoramic beauty.
2. Subjective judgment: The selection process for the Epson International Pano Awards is ultimately subjective, and personal preferences may differ, leading to some disagreement regarding the winner.
3. Lack of innovation: The surreal Icelandic landscape has been extensively photographed, and some may argue that the choice could have been more groundbreaking or experimental.
4. Overemphasis on aesthetics: The focus on the surreal aspect of the Icelandic landscape may overshadow other important factors such as storytelling or content in panoramic images.
5. Missed opportunity for lesser-known locations: The award could have been an opportunity to shed light on lesser-known panoramic gems around the world, instead of reinforcing the popularity of already well-known destinations.


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