Is the US decision to send Ukraine 1 million seized Iranian AK-47 rounds a smart move or a risky gamble?


– Provides much-needed support to Ukraine in their fight against Russian-backed forces.
– Demonstrates solidarity with Ukraine and sends a message to Russia and other potential aggressors.
– Helps Ukraine bolster its defense capabilities and improve its chances of repelling attacks.
– Potentially disrupts the relationship between Iran and Russia, weakening their alliance.
– Could potentially contribute to stabilizing the region and preventing further escalations.


– May escalate tensions between the United States, Iran, and Russia. – Could intensify the conflict in Ukraine and lead to further violence.
– Risks provoking a response from Iran or Russia, potentially leading to a larger conflict.
– May have unintended consequences and result in the weapons falling into the wrong hands.
– Raises questions about the legality and international implications of the transfer.


For years, Iran has provided unwavering support to Russia during its brutal conflict, including the supply of deadly explosive drones. However, a new development is underway as ammunition makes its way to the opposing side.