Is Tinder’s New Feature Allowing Family Interference a Blessing or a Curse?

– Increased potential for finding compatible matches through the input of trusted family and friends.
– Allows users to receive recommendations from people who know them well, potentially leading to more meaningful connections.
– Offers a different perspective on potential matches that users might not have considered on their own.
– Can potentially reduce the amount of time and effort spent on swiping through profiles, as family and friends can do some of the searching on behalf of the user.

– Invasion of privacy, as family and friends have access to the user’s dating profile and conversations.
– Loss of control over the dating experience, as others are making recommendations on behalf of the user.
– Potential for awkward situations if there are disagreements between the user and their matchmakers.
– Takes away from the spontaneity and individuality often associated with dating apps like Tinder.


Tinder recently introduced “Tinder Matchmaker,” a new feature enabling users’ loved ones to join the dating app and offer recommendations for potential matches. These matchmakers aren’t required to have a Tinder profile in order to view and suggest potential matches.