Is Toyota’s New Bitter Coating the Solution to Prevent Children from Swallowing Cars?

1. Prevents children from swallowing cars, ensuring their safety.
2. Bitter coating acts as a deterrent, discouraging children from putting cars in their mouths.
3. Colorful and shiny vehicles can still be enjoyed visually without posing a risk.

1. May not be effective for all children, as individual preferences and behaviors can vary.
2. Bitter coating might not completely eliminate the risk of children swallowing cars. 3. Increased production costs for implementing the new coating on vehicles.


Toyota, a renowned Japanese automobile company, has recently unveiled an innovative solution to address a concerning safety issue. In an official announcement, Toyota executives shared their development of a unique bitter coating for their vehicles. This coating serves as a preventative measure to deter children from mistaking cars for toys and potentially swallowing them. By implementing this cutting-edge technology, Toyota aims to enhance child safety and provide peace of mind to parents and caregivers.