Is Twitch’s decision to move away from the Switch helping or hurting its community?

1. Expanding audience: Moving away from the Switch allows Twitch to tap into a potentially larger audience on more popular platforms.
2. Improved features: By focusing on other platforms, Twitch can allocate resources to enhancing features and functionality that the Switch might not be capable of supporting.
3. Cross-platform compatibility: Users can easily engage with the Twitch community across different devices, fostering a seamless and unified experience.

1. Alienating current users: Users who primarily use the Nintendo Switch for streaming may feel left out or abandoned by Twitch’s decision, potentially harming the sense of community.
2. Limited options for Nintendo Switch users: Nintendo Switch owners who enjoy Twitch may find themselves with limited or no alternatives on the platform, lowering their streaming options.
3. Missed opportunity for growth: The Nintendo Switch, despite being considered niche, still has a dedicated and loyal user base that Twitch might be overlooking, missing out on potential community growth.

(Note: The provided article or information does not mention an “all-new con” as stated in the request.)


Twitch revealed it has officially ended its support for the Nintendo Switch, citing the console’s niche user base. However, there is speculation that Nintendo could be gearing up to introduce a brand new console to entice their customers.