Is U2’s The Edge’s praise for The Sphere on its opening night justified?

– The Sphere provides an immersive concert experience unlike any other.
– The combination of music and visuals creates a unique and captivating atmosphere.
– U2’s performance is enhanced by the state-of-the-art technology and design of The Sphere.
– The opening night of The Sphere was likely an exciting and memorable event for both the band and the audience.

– The Edge’s praise may be biased as a member of the band.
– The Sphere’s success and justification can be subjective, as people might have different opinions on the experience.
– The $2.3 billion cost of the concert hall could be seen as excessive or unnecessary.
– The impact and long-term sustainability of The Sphere on the music industry remain to be seen.


U2 kicked off their residency at Las Vegas’ immersive concert hall last weekend. The Edge, their guitarist, describes it as a clash between music and visuals, with U2 emerging victorious.