Is Vijay’s ‘Leo bo’ collection day 7 truly the highest-grossing Tamil film ever?

1. Vijay’s “Leo bo” collection day 7 has earned ₹461 crore worldwide, setting a new record.
2. It has become the highest-grossing Tamil film ever, which is a significant achievement.
3. The film’s success indicates its popularity and appeal among audiences worldwide. 4. The strong box office collection reflects the film’s commercial success.
5. The record-breaking earnings demonstrate Vijay’s star power and fan following.

1. The claim that Vijay’s “Leo bo” collection day 7 is the highest-grossing Tamil film ever needs to be verified independently.
2. Other factors, such as ticket prices and release strategy, could have contributed to the film’s box office success.
3. The long-term sustainability of the film’s success is uncertain, as box office numbers can fluctuate over time.
4. The film’s reception among critics and audience opinions may vary, challenging the notion of its universal appeal.
5. Comparisons to other Tamil films in terms of box office records and earnings are essential to provide further context.


In just 7 days, Vijay’s film ‘Leo’ has shattered records at the global box office, amassing a staggering ₹461 crore in earnings. This remarkable achievement cements its position as a true global blockbuster.