Is Wall Street’s frustration with Harvard justified?

Pros of Wall Street’s frustration with Harvard:
1. Could lead to a more diverse talent pool as employers explore alternatives.
2. Encourages Harvard to adapt its curriculum to better fit the needs of the industry.
3. May prompt greater scrutiny of elitism and privilege within both institutions.
4. Signals a shift towards valuing practical skills and experience over prestigious degrees.
5. Sparks conversation and reflection on the purpose and impact of Ivy League institutions.

Cons of Wall Street’s frustration with Harvard:
1. Overlooks the potential value of a well-rounded liberal arts education.
2. Limits opportunities for Harvard graduates seeking employment in finance and law.
3. Could perpetuate a system that prioritizes connections and pedigree over merit.
4. May discourage other top-tier universities from pushing boundaries in their own curricula.
5. Risks overshadowing individual achievements and abilities in favor of stereotypes about Ivy League graduates.


Discover the widening divide between distinguished institutions like Harvard and the prestigious financial and legal entities that hire their alumni. Explore the growing generational gap in this exclusive elite school versus industry narrative.