Is Xia Li’s victory over Becky Lynch a game-changer or just a temporary setback?

– Xia Li’s victory over Becky Lynch adds unpredictability and excitement to the WWE storyline. – It showcases Xia Li’s skills and potential as a formidable competitor.
– It creates an interesting underdog narrative for Xia Li and her future matches.
– It provides a shocking and unexpected twist in the Women’s World Title Battle Royal. – It generates buzz and intrigue among WWE fans.
– It adds depth and complexity to Becky Lynch’s character, having to bounce back from a setback.

– Some fans might view Xia Li’s victory as unrealistic or forced.
– It could potentially undermine Becky Lynch’s credibility as a top-tier wrestler.
– If Xia Li doesn’t capitalize on this victory, it might be seen as a wasted opportunity.
– It may lead to backlash from fans who were looking forward to seeing Becky Lynch compete.
– The outcome might disrupt the planned or anticipated storyline for the Women’s World Title Battle Royal.
– There is a possibility that this momentary setback for Becky Lynch won’t have a lasting impact on the overall narrative.


In a surprising turn of events, The Man prepares to participate in the Women’s World Title Battle Royal. However, her journey takes an unexpected twist as she gets knocked out by a vicious kick from Xia Li. Don’t miss out on the thrilling WWE action, available on Peacock.