Is YouTube’s demonetization of SSSniperwolf justified following doxxing accusations?

– Demonetization sends a strong message that doxxing is not acceptable on the platform.
– It discourages the use of personal information as a tool for online harassment. – Serves as a deterrent, potentially reducing future incidents of doxxing. – Promotes a safer environment for content creators and viewers on YouTube.

– Without concrete evidence, demonetization could be seen as presumption of guilt.
– The decision may be seen as lacking in transparency or consistency by some users. – Potential impact on SSSniperwolf’s income and career due to demonetization.
– The issue might discourage discussions on controversial topics, limiting freedom of expression.


Feud between YouTubers SSSniperwolf and Jacksfilms escalates over reaction content. SSSniperwolf accused of doxxing Jacksfilms. YouTube addresses the situation.