Israeli military’s actions in Gaza: Justifiable or excessive?

– Israel may argue that their military actions are justifiable as a means of self-defense.
– Israeli military’s actions may help to deter potential threats and maintain security in the region.
– Israeli military’s operations might be aimed at targeting specific militant groups and disrupting their activities in Gaza.
– The use of infantry, armored vehicles, and airstrikes may enable precise targeting of terrorist infrastructure and minimize civilian casualties.

– Critics may argue that the Israeli military’s actions are excessive and disproportionate to the threat posed by militant groups in Gaza.
– Implementation of ground operations can increase the risk of civilian casualties and destruction of infrastructure.
– The use of massive strikes from the air and sea might cause collateral damage and harm non-combatants.
– Some may contend that diplomatic and politically negotiated solutions should be explored before resorting to military action.


Israel has announced that it is intensifying its ground operations in Gaza. Infantry and armored vehicles are being deployed along with strong airstrikes and naval attacks. The Israeli military has also released unclear footage of tank columns advancing.