Mysterious Demise: What Led to the Suspect’s Death in Maine Shooting Rampage?

– Closure for the victims and their families
– Prevents a prolonged and expensive trial
– No risk of the suspect escaping justice
– Allows law enforcement to focus on other cases
– Discourages copycat crimes

– Denies the opportunity for the suspect to face justice
– Limits the chance to understand the motives and prevent future incidents – Leaves unanswered questions for the community and the public – No possibility of gaining insight into the suspect’s mental state – Can be seen as an easy way out for the suspect


The alleged shooter, a US Army reservist, who was responsible for the deaths of 18 people and the injury of 13 others in a shooting spree in Maine, was discovered deceased on Friday evening. It is suspected to be a result of a self-inflicted gunshot. Finally, after a two-day search, he was found, according to a state official.