Seattle: Is Rodney Hines’ Insider Guide a Must-Read or Overrated?


1. Insider knowledge: Rodney Hines’ guide offers a unique perspective on Seattle, sharing insider tips and recommendations that you may not find in other travel guides.
2. Local favorites: Hines provides insights on the best coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and places to shop, giving you the opportunity to experience the city like a local.
3. Convenient trip planning: This guide helps streamline your trip planning process by offering a curated list of notable places, saving you time and effort.
4. Updated information: As a founder of Metier Brewing Company, Hines likely has up-to-date information on the city’s dining and entertainment scene.
5. Tailored recommendations: The guide is likely to provide recommendations that align with Hines’ personal taste, helping you discover hidden gems that suit your preferences.


1. Subjectivity: Since the guide is based on Rodney Hines’ personal opinions and preferences, it may not resonate with everyone’s tastes and interests.
2. Limited coverage: While the guide may offer excellent suggestions on coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and shopping spots, it may overlook other aspects of Seattle that could be of interest to some travelers.
3. Potential bias: As the founder of Metier Brewing Company, Hines might prioritize establishments that align with his business interests, potentially overlooking worthy alternatives.
4. Lack of breadth: Due to the limitations of any guide, Hines may not include all the best options available in Seattle, potentially leaving out lesser-known but equally remarkable spots.
5. Ever-evolving city: Seattle’s dining and entertainment scene is constantly changing, and Hines’ guide might not reflect the latest additions or closures, leading to potentially outdated information.


Discover Seattle’s hidden gems, as recommended by Metier Brewing Company founder, Rodney Hines. From charming coffee shops to delectable restaurants, vibrant bars, and delightful shopping spots, let his expertise guide you in planning your perfect trip.