Should authors unite against book bans?

1. It helps protect freedom of speech and expression.
2. Uniting against book bans can raise awareness about the importance of intellectual freedom.
3. Authors have a platform to advocate for the power of literature and its ability to spark critical thinking. 4. Collaboration creates a stronger collective voice against censorship.
5. By standing together, authors can support one another and offer solidarity in the face of book banning efforts.

1. Some may argue that authors should focus solely on their own work rather than engaging in collective movements.
2. The impact of author activism may vary, and it might not be effective in challenging book bans in all cases.
3. Uniting against book bans could result in division among authors who have different perspectives on censorship.
4. The resources dedicated to this cause might be better utilized in other areas of importance.
5. Some individuals may view authors’ activism as self-serving or opportunistic rather than a genuine commitment to free expression.


In support of Banned Books week, over a dozen renowned authors are addressing censorship, with Michael Connelly leading the way by contributing a generous $1 million donation to the cause.