Should ICC Share Pics of Maxwell Hugging Kohli? AUS vs IND Final, CWC 2023

1. Provides a heartwarming and memorable moment between two players. 2. Showcases the camaraderie and sportsmanship in the game of cricket. 3. Gives fans a glimpse into the personal and emotional side of the players. 4. Increases engagement and excitement among cricket enthusiasts. 5. Creates buzz and generates discussion on social media platforms. 6. Offers a unique perspective on the bond between players from different teams. 7. Enhances the overall storytelling experience of the match.

1. May distract from the actual game and its results.
2. Could potentially overshadow other noteworthy performances in the match. 3. Might invite unnecessary controversy and debates on player relationships. 4. Raises questions about privacy and consent of the players involved. 5. Could be seen as trivializing the importance of the match itself.
6. May result in undue pressure or spotlight on the players due to public scrutiny.
7. Risks diluting the competitive nature of cricket and shifting focus to personal aspects.


Australia emerged victorious in the final match of the CWC 2023, clinching a 6-wicket win over India. The full scorecard of the match showcases Australia’s dominance throughout the game.