Should New York Pass a Bill Requiring Criminal Background Checks for 3D Printer Purchases?

1. Enhanced public safety: Criminal background checks can help prevent individuals with a history of criminal activity from obtaining 3D printers, which could potentially be used for illegal purposes.
2. Deterrence: The requirement of a background check may discourage people with malicious intentions from attempting to purchase 3D printers in the first place.
3. Prevention of illegal activities: Background checks can assist in curbing the potential misuse of 3D printers for the production of illegal firearms or other prohibited items.
4. Accountability: Implementing background checks can ensure that individuals using 3D printers are held accountable for any illegal or harmful activities they engage in.
5. Aligning with other regulations: Requiring background checks for 3D printer purchases would bring it in line with existing regulations for other potentially dangerous items, such as firearms.

1. Infringement on privacy: Requiring criminal background checks for 3D printer purchases can be seen as an invasion of privacy, as it entails disclosing personal information to authorities.
2. Potential for false positives: Background checks have the potential to produce incorrect results, which could unfairly deny individuals their right to purchase a 3D printer.
3. Additional bureaucracy: The introduction of a new requirement for background checks would likely add bureaucratic processes and potential delays to the purchase of 3D printers.
4. Limited impact on criminal activity: Determined individuals may find alternative ways to acquire 3D printers or use other means to carry out illicit activities.
5. Burden on law-abiding citizens: Imposing background checks can be viewed as an inconvenience for law-abiding individuals who wish to purchase a 3D printer for legitimate purposes.

Please note that this list is intended to present a balanced perspective and does not reflect any endorsement or rejection of the proposed bill.


New York residents looking to purchase a 3D printer might need to undergo a criminal background check if a proposed state bill is enacted. Senator Jenifer Rajkumar is behind this legislation, aiming to address the growing popularity of 3D printing.