Should twins attend college together? We toured 3 campuses to help us decide.

1. Support system: Attending college together can provide emotional support and camaraderie for twins throughout their academic journey.
2. Shared experiences: Twins who attend college together can create unique memories and shared experiences that can enhance their bond.
3. Study partners: Having a twin in the same classes can facilitate studying and academic collaboration.
4. Familiarity: Twins attending the same college can offer a sense of familiarity in a new environment, making the transition to college easier.
5. Cost-effective: Sharing textbooks, living expenses, and potentially even a dorm room can lead to financial savings.

1. Lack of independence: Attending college with a twin may hinder individual growth and independence as they may rely too heavily on each other.
2. Limited social circle: Twins attending college together may struggle to meet new people and expand their social circles beyond each other.
3. Comparisons and competition: Constantly being compared to their twin or feeling the need to compete academically can create added pressure and stress.
4. Different academic paths: Twins may have different academic interests and goals, which could lead to conflicts or compromise in course selection.
5. Identity development: Attending college separately could allow twins to explore their individual identities and interests more freely.


Two twin brothers embarked on a joint tour of the University of Iowa, Grinnell College, and Drake University. During their visits, they discovered that their school preferences were strikingly similar.