Should we support the massive protest outside Rajasthan police station following the rape of a 4-year-old by a cop?

1. Raises awareness: The massive protest can bring attention to the issue of child sexual abuse and the need for stronger measures to prevent such crimes.
2. Demands justice: It shows solidarity with the victim and her family, urging authorities to ensure that the accused cop is held accountable for his actions.
3. Pressure for reform: The protest may exert pressure on the police department to implement stricter background checks and training protocols to prevent similar incidents.
4. Promotes community support: It encourages unity and support within the community by coming together to demand justice and protection for children.
5. Sends a message: The protest can send a powerful message that society will not tolerate any form of child abuse, especially when it involves those in positions of authority.

1. Potential for violence: Large-scale protests can sometimes escalate into violence, leading to additional harm and damage.
2. Disruption of public peace: The protest may disrupt ordinary life for local residents and businesses in the immediate vicinity of the police station.
3. Overwhelming authorities: While demanding justice is important, there is a possibility of overwhelming the local authorities, making it challenging for them to take appropriate action.
4. Potential politicization: Sometimes, protests can be exploited by various groups for their own political or personal agenda, diverting attention from the core issue.
5. Public opinion divide: Such protests can lead to divided public opinion, with some supporting the cause while others questioning the effectiveness or motives behind the demonstration.

Please note that the pros and cons for supporting or not supporting the protest are provided neutrally without taking a stance on the matter.


Outside a police station in Rajasthan’s Dausa district, a massive protest has erupted due to an alleged rape of a four-year-old girl by a police officer.