Should you invest in a $25 vacuum sealer to stockpile fresh meals in your freezer?

1. Vacuum sealers help to preserve food for longer periods of time, minimizing waste.
2. Stockpiling fresh meals in your freezer can save you time and effort in meal prep. 3. Using a vacuum sealer can help retain the freshness and flavor of your meals.
4. It allows you to take advantage of excess produce from your garden or local farmers’ market. 5. Vacuum-sealed meals can be easily stored and organized in your freezer.

1. Vacuum sealers can be an additional expense that may not fit everyone’s budget.
2. It may take some time to learn how to properly use and maintain a vacuum sealer.
3. The bags or rolls required for vacuum sealing may also add to the overall cost.
4. Vacuum-sealed meals may not taste as fresh as freshly cooked ones, depending on the specific dish.
5. Over-reliance on frozen meals may limit your variety of fresh food consumption.

Remember, these points are from our lovely friend Dave at Meh, so take them with a grain of salt!


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