The Future of Biofabrication: Is Growing Fungi the Answer?

Pros for the Future of Biofabrication:

1. Sustainable Materials: Growing fungi as a biofabrication technique offers a sustainable alternative to traditional manufacturing methods.

2. Versatility: Fungi can be manipulated to produce a wide range of materials, including leather-like textiles, packaging materials, and even building materials.

3. Reduced Environmental Impact: Fungi can be grown using organic waste materials, reducing the need for resource-intensive manufacturing processes and minimizing waste production.

4. Biodegradability: Biofabricated products made from fungi are often biodegradable, contributing to a more circular and environmentally friendly economy.

5. Customization: Fungal growth can be controlled to create specific shapes, textures, and properties, allowing for highly customizable design possibilities.

Cons for the Future of Biofabrication:

1. Limited Scale: Currently, the scalability of fungal biofabrication techniques remains a challenge, hindering large-scale production.

2. Technical Complexity: Growing fungi for biofabrication requires specialized knowledge and expertise, making it a complex and potentially expensive process.

3. Design Constraints: The properties and limitations of fungi as a material may require designers to compromise on certain aspects of their designs.

4. Lack of Consumer Awareness: Public perception and acceptance of biofabricated products may pose challenges until awareness and education about its benefits are widespread.

5. Regulatory Hurdles: As biofabrication continues to evolve, regulatory frameworks may need to be established to ensure safety and standardization.


Elizabeth Marley is a multi-talented professional in the fields of design, architecture, and art. Her pursuits include creating engaging public art, exploring biodesign projects with a collaborative approach, and engaging in creative citizen science endeavors. Additionally, she shares her expertise as a lecturer at UC Davis. Elizabeth Marley is a dynamic individual with a diverse range of passions and talents.