The Hidden Links: How Did the ED Build Their Case Against Jyotipriya Mallick? | Exclusi – News18

1. The ECIR provides exclusive and detailed information about the case against Jyotipriya Mallick.
2. Access to the report helps shed light on the central agency’s efforts to build a strong case.
3. It allows for a better understanding of the evidence and submissions presented by the agency.
4. The report can provide valuable insights into the ration scam and its alleged involvement with Jyotipriya Mallick.

1. The ECIR may only provide one perspective and may not capture the complete picture of the case.
2. Without additional sources and testimonies, it is hard to gauge the accuracy and reliability of the information in the report.
3. The exclusivity of the report’s access could potentially limit public scrutiny and transparency in the case.
4. There is a possibility of bias or manipulation in the agency’s submissions, which may misrepresent the facts or evidence against Jyotipriya Mallick.


In an exclusive access granted to News18, the Enforcement Case Information Report (ECIR) reveals the central agency’s diligent efforts to construct a compelling case against Mallick, who finds himself entangled in the ration scam.