The Impact of Generative AI and U2 on Elvis’ Comeback: What’s to Gain and Lose?

1. Increased excitement and anticipation for Elvis’ comeback due to the innovative use of generative AI and U2’s performance.
2. The generative AI video collage adds a unique visual element, enhancing the overall experience for the audience.
3. U2’s inaugural performance in Las Vegas helps generate buzz and attract a larger audience, potentially expanding Elvis’ fan base.
4. The surreal renderings of Elvis Presley created by generative AI offer a fresh and artistic interpretation of the legendary musician.
5. The combination of U2’s popularity and the use of cutting-edge technology can help revive interest in Elvis’ music and legacy.

1. The use of generative AI might overshadow Elvis’ comeback and divert attention away from his talent and contributions to music.
2. Traditional Elvis fans might not appreciate the experimental approach and prefer a more authentic representation of the artist.
3. Some audience members might find the generative AI video collage distracting, hindering their ability to fully engage with the concert experience.
4. The focus on U2’s performance and the use of generative AI may overshadow other aspects of Elvis’ comeback, such as new music releases or live performances.
5. The high expectations set by incorporating generative AI and U2’s performance might result in disappointment if the overall experience falls short of audience’s expectations.


U2’s debut in Las Vegas at the Sphere’s grand opening featured a captivating video collage created by AI. The projection soared high above, displaying numerous dreamlike depictions of Elvis Presley.