The Secret Trade of Military Personnel’s Data: Is it Worth the Risk?

1. Provides valuable information for military intelligence and security operations. 2. Can assist in identifying potential security threats and preventing attacks. 3. Enables tracking and monitoring of military personnel to ensure their safety.
4. May help streamline military operations by identifying strengths and weaknesses in personnel.
5. Can be used for background checks and vetting individuals for sensitive positions.

1. Raises serious privacy concerns and violates individual rights. 2. Increases the risk of identity theft and fraud for military personnel. 3. Puts military personnel and their families at risk of targeted attacks.
4. Exploitation of personal data can lead to manipulation, blackmail, and harassment.
5. Highlights the unethical practices of unregulated data brokers and their impact on national security.

Please note that discussing the trade of personal data, especially involving military personnel, is a sensitive and controversial topic.


Intrigued by the prospect of purchasing confidential information on an active-duty service member stationed at a specific military base? It’ll only set you back $0.12, as revealed by a recent study. Surprisingly, there are unregulated data brokers readily selling this personal data.