The Shocking Closure of Revel’s Shared Electric Moped Service: What Does it Mean for Users?

1. Improved safety for users, as Revel’s service has been linked to serious accidents and even fatalities. 2. Reduced congestion on city streets, as fewer mopeds will be on the road.
3. Lower chances of noise pollution, as the continuous buzzing of electric mopeds will no longer be present.
4. Potential for a more comprehensive and efficient public transportation system to take its place. 5. Less competition for other micromobility providers in the market.

1. Inconvenience for current users who relied on Revel’s service for transportation.
2. Reduction in transportation options, particularly for those who do not own a personal vehicle. 3. Job losses for Revel’s employees as the company shuts down the service.
4. Potential increase in demand for alternative transportation modes, leading to overcrowding.
5. Loss of convenience for short-distance travel, as alternatives may not be as readily available or accessible.


Revel, the electric moped service, is bidding farewell to its origins as it wraps up operations in New York City and San Francisco. In a company-wide email, CEO Frank Reig has announced the discontinuation of the service, which had faced some controversial moments.