The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods: Is It Really Worth It?

1. Provides relevant news and information for survivalists and preppers.
2. Helps readers stay informed and educated about emerging risks and preparedness. 3. Offers a collection of diverse topics and perspectives.
4. Written by JWR, a recognized expert in survivalism and prepping. 5. May provide valuable insights and tips for increasing self-sufficiency. 6. Can serve as a platform for community discussions and sharing experiences.

1. Some readers may find the content overwhelming or alarmist. 2. The column might not cover all relevant topics or perspectives.
3. The information provided may not always be applicable to everyone’s specific circumstances. 4. The column may lack in-depth analysis or detailed explanations.
5. The frequency and length of the column may vary, making it inconsistent for regular readers.
6. The column’s viewpoint might not align with everyone’s beliefs or approach to survivalism.


Welcome to The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods, a compilation of news and information catered to survivalists and preppers. Curated by JWR, this column aims to educate and keep readers informed about emerging trends and essential knowledge for surviving and preparing for the future.