Unleash Wireless Connectivity: Is Adding Bluetooth to Almost Any Device Worth the $46 Investment?

– Adds Bluetooth capabilities to any device that doesn’t have it.
– Provides wireless connectivity, allowing for easy and convenient device pairing.
– Offers flexibility, enabling the use of Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and other accessories. – Temporarily discounted price makes it more affordable.
– Easy to use and set up.

– Additional cost of $45.99, which may not be worth it for everyone.
– Limited compatibility with older devices or devices without the necessary ports. – The quality and range of Bluetooth connectivity may vary.
– May require additional knowledge or troubleshooting if difficulties arise during the setup process. – Possible future compatibility issues due to evolving Bluetooth standards.

context: https://lifehacker.com/add-bluetooth-to-almost-any-device-for-46-1850951920

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