Unmasking the ‘Dead Internet Theory’: Is It Really a Myth?

1. Provides an interesting and thought-provoking perspective on the state of the internet. 2. Challenges our assumptions and encourages critical thinking. 3. Opens up discussions about the impact of technology and its evolution. 4. Prompts us to question the reliability and authenticity of online content. 5. Sparks debates and encourages people to explore alternative theories.

1. Lacks substantial evidence to support the claim of the internet being “dead.”
2. Can be misleading and confusing for individuals who rely on the internet daily. 3. May cause unnecessary anxiety and skepticism towards online information.
4. Disregards the ongoing growth and advancements in technology and internet infrastructure.
5. Has the potential to sow doubt and distrust in digital platforms without concrete justification.

context: https://lifehacker.com/what-people-are-getting-wrong-this-week-the-dead-inter-1850983564

Is the internet dead? According to supporters of the Dead Internet Theory, it ceased to exist in 2016. They argue that everything we now encounter online, including Instagram pictures and articles like this one on Lifehacker, is artificially generated.