Unresolved Murder Mystery: Man Indicted 23 Years Later for Disappearance of Girl and Mother in West Virginia – CBS News

Pros of the Unresolved Murder Mystery:

1. Closure and justice for the victims’ family, providing some form of resolution.
2. Raises awareness about unsolved cases, potentially leading to new leads or tips.
3. Reinforces the importance of cold case investigations and the potential for progress even after a significant time has passed.
4. Sends a message that criminals cannot escape accountability, even with the passage of time.

Cons of the Unresolved Murder Mystery:

1. 23 years of uncertainty and anguish for the victims’ family, living without answers.
2. Reminds society of the senseless violence and tragedy associated with such cases.
3. Highlights the failures of the initial investigation that allowed the case to remain unresolved for such a long period.
4. Raises questions about the efficacy of the criminal justice system in providing timely justice.

context: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/larry-webb-indicted-murder-charge-girl-natasha-alex-carter-disappeared-2000-west-virginia/

Larry Webb stands accused in the tragic case of 10-year-old Natasha “Alex” Carter’s murder. Disturbingly, both Alex and her mother, Susan Carter, have been missing since August 8, 2000.