Unveiling the Curiosity: What Drives the Popularity of Rangoli during Diwali?

Pros of Rangoli during Diwali:
– Adds visual beauty and color to the surroundings.
– Represents traditional Indian art and culture.
– Promotes creativity and artistic expression.
– Enhances the festive ambiance during Diwali.
– Brings good luck and positive energy, according to beliefs.
– Provides a sense of unity and togetherness as families come together to create Rangolis.

Cons of Rangoli during Diwali:
– Time-consuming and requires patience and skill.
– Difficult to maintain the design intact, especially in high foot traffic areas. – Can be affected by weather conditions, such as rain or wind. – Use of artificial colors can have environmental impact.
– Could pose a risk of slip and fall accidents if not prepared carefully.
– Some traditional Rangoli designs may have religious symbols, which may not be universally appreciated or understood.

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