Unveiling the Meta-Myanmar Partnership: Is it a Game-Changer or a Cause for Concern?

1. The Meta-Myanmar Partnership has the potential to bring significant technological advancements and innovations to Myanmar. 2. It could provide opportunities for economic growth and job creation.
3. The partnership may enhance connectivity and access to information for the people of Myanmar.
4. It might contribute to the development of a more inclusive and digitally empowered society.
5. The Meta-Myanmar Partnership could attract foreign investments and stimulate the local tech industry.

1. There is concern that the partnership could lead to the concentration of power and influence in the hands of a few tech giants.
2. It might exacerbate existing inequalities in access to technology and widen the digital divide.
3. There could be a loss of local control and autonomy over digital infrastructure and platforms. 4. The partnership could raise issues of data privacy and surveillance.
5. There is a risk that the partnership may prioritize profit over social and environmental impact.

context: https://erinkissane.com/meta-in-myanmar-part-i-the-setup

In July, I embarked on an urgent project, inspired by Kyaw Kyaw, the lead singer of Burmese punk band Rebel Riot, who compared technology to a bomb in Myanmar.